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Astropolis - - Analyst of Relations



Terms of agreement

  • Program Analyst of relations offers a product that is acquired by a Consumer. Electronic payments and protection of data are provided and granted by our partners SAS "EVP International" (which is representing a system of electronic payments WebToPay) and electronic payment system PayPal.
  • Safe storage of the program results (Consumer's data) and confidentiality of this Information - are provided and granted by the authors of the program.
  • Authors of the Program are responsible for the quality of the Product and protection of data, but they don't take responsibility for how a Consumer is going to use a product. A Consumer can freely get results for any third person but he is fully responsible for the way he uses the received information (say, publication), that may harm a third person, cause an insult and so on.
  • Program Analyst of Relations is an intellectual property that is protected by the Authors' Rights Law. Any quotation reference to the origin is obligatory.