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Frequently asked questions

What is this program capable of?

Relations – is one of the most confusing sides of our life. Why? Because we look at the relations through the prism of emotions, feelings, hopes, expectations  and all that doesn’t  let us see things clearly.

The purpose of this Program – with assistance of astrology – to give you more clear picture about how your relations are built. We have done a lot so that Analytic of relations could help you with it.

Program can give you both general estimation and characteristics of different facets of your relations. There are many of them, they may seem very contradictory, and nothing can be done about it – that is life! 

If you are in a hurry and don’t need too much information – choose Short version, that will give you a general picture of your relations.

If you want to realize something on a deeper level and perhaps, to change your relations – choose Full version that will offer you at least fifty components of examined relations. Careful studying them is sure to help you understand your interaction better, will give you fresh impulse and open new opportunities.

What program is not capable of – is to consider some indicators, that are related to precise time of your birth as most people don’t know exact time of their birth, and to find it out – an astrologer – and a good astrologer! – is needed.

The result that Program offers resembles a richly laid table, where the food for your mind is served, but to take it in, digest and use the received information you should yourself. In other words, this Program, like any other one, is not able -
  • To come to conclusions,
  • To make choice,
  • To take decisions - for you.

How to use this program?

To start work with the Program you should first of all choose the version of the Program – Free, Short or Full. After pressing an according button, you will see a form in a screen, which you should fill in, putting there following data:

  • Names of partners- enter them correctly. It is preferable if names are not too long  (3-20 Letters) as later they will appear in a text and will affect its readability.
  • Time of partners’ birth
  • Place of birth – the option of cities located in all time zones – is suggested

If you choose a Free of charge version- the result will appear right after you insert you data.
If you choose one of the paid versions – Short or Full – before payment is completed, you will be suggested to check your data once again – to make sure that all information is correct – and confirm that you are acquainted to the Terms of Agreement. The Introduced data appears in the column on the right, if needed – it can be deleted and replaced by new data. Introduced data is being saved, until it is deleted or payment is completed.

After ordering Short or Full version and after confirming your data you automatically will get on the page of our partners that perform electronic accounting, where you should give information about your credit card (or electronic purse). After the payment is completed Program will immediately take you back to our page where you will get a result – the analysis of your relations.

Pay attention, please, that Program will offer you the account (Analysis) of your relations in the language that you use while introducing your data on the page of orders, and when you finally get a result – language can’t be changed.

What can I do with the received result?

Everything is changing in our life – we are changing and our relations, too. And what did not seem significant for us yesterday may become meaningful now. The same can happen with the result of our Program. So, it is a good idea to save this Analysis – in some time fresh look at it is sure to open something new and deserving your attention.

To save the result you should go to the settings page where you can get by clicking either options links under the interpretation text or Edit link in the right column.
You are offered opportunity either to create a new consumer’s profile or enter the existing one under the known to you Consumer’s name. Whether you enter already existing or create a new profile, all results produced by the Program while you are visiting our webpage will be saved in your account.

Below, the address for public access to your results is offered{unique id}, it is an opportunity for you to share the results of the Program with those, that are close to you – if you decide so. This option is turned off – unless you activate public access by clicking  the address once – then it becomes green and your results will be available for viewing by others. We recommend to introduce a password into space below – to conceal your information from the eyes of strangers. One more important point that can be useful: to save your time – if you decide to share the results of the Program with several your friends, you may send references to all of them at once by writing in their addresses in the space  besides.

If problems emerge

If you have ordered and paid for your account (Analysis of relations), but haven’t got a result, please inform us urgently about the problem on, and give us your e-mail address. We will contact you as soon as we can and sort out the problem.

Feedback and suggestions

Any your feedback, impressions, suggestions please send to

Good luck!

Authors of the Program

Director of the project and author of the text: Eric Simon Bizun

Programmer: Harijs Deksnis

Designer: Artis Taurins

Translator and editor of English text: Dana Kontakevich